None Like You

The Uniqueness & Incomprehensibility of God

Jeremiah 10:6-7 (9/15/19) Series: God Like None Other

Seeing Stars

Genesis 1:16 (9/8/19) Series: God Like None Other

Four Evangelism Styles

Various Scripture (9/1/19)

Fire Alarm

Jude 23a (8/25/19)

God Like None Other

The Incomparable Attributes of the Living God

If God doesn't amaze you, you are thinking of the wrong one! The real God of the Bible is beyond anything you can imagine. Join us for this series as we explore what theologians call the "incommunicable" attributes of God. These are the descriptions of God that can never be shared with anything else besides Him. Our goal with this series is to impress you with a God like none other!

In December we plan a related series on the doctrine of the Trinity.

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Past AM series include:

  • High and Lifted Up - Lesson from Isaiah on Idolatry, Incarnation, and the Incomparable Greatness of God
  • I Am Jesus - Jesus' "I Am" sayings from the Gospel of John
  • Create in Me a Clean Heart - Psalm 51
  • Ways the World Gets It Wrong
  • Last Words of Paul the Apostle - 2 Timothy
  • A Vision for a Healthy Church
  • Treasuring Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King
  • Christ Over All - Colossians
  • Judges - Flawed Leaders in a Fallen World
  • Ruth - Hope in the Hardest Times
  • Fear God - How the Fear of the Lord is the Good Fear You Need
  • The Light of Christ in the Gospel of Luke - Luke vol. 1
  • The Five Solas of the Reformation
  • Five Friends of the Five Solas
  • Living the Christian Life Together - Romans 12
  • God Delivers - The Book of Exodus
  • Journey with Jesus in the Gospel of Luke - Luke vol. 2
  • Union With Christ
  • Being Holy to a Holy God - The Book of Leviticus
  • Fire Alarm - A Mini-Series on Evangelism
  • God Like None Other - The Incomparable Attributes of the Living God [current series]

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