Welcome from Pastor Nate

Your life is not an accident. You were created by God to find your joy and satisfaction in Him. This is your meaning and purpose! However, all of us were at one time hostile to God, but Jesus Christ reconciled us to Himself by the blood of His cross. This is the hope that we cling to—not our righteousness, but His. We are not perfect, but we worship Someone who is!

I hope that you will be our guest for church sometime soon! I look forward to meeting you and seeing Christ at work in your life.

I hope that you have a great experience when you come to visit us. The people here are very friendly and helpful. Still, I know that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. I hope that the information below helps!

Stuff to Know

Here are a bunch of things you want to know but maybe don't want to ask....


    Our main Sunday service is at 11:00 AM. You may want to come a bit early to find a seat, and to bring your kids to the nursery if you need to. If you arrive late, don't worry about it. Ushers are available to help you find seats.

    If you would like to come earlier, the Breakfast Cafe runs from 9:00-9:30 AM and Sunday School goes from 9:45 to 10:45 AM.

  • Parking

    We have plenty of parking with space all around the building. You are welcome to park in any of them.


    There are main entrances on the East and West sides of the building. Either one will bring you quickly to the Large Foyer, the Nursery, and the Worship Center.


    There is no dress code and we are not looking to judge anyone by what they wear. We will be glad just to see you. Some people dress up a bit and other people dress casually.

  • Welcome center

    We encourage you to stop by the Welcome Center and say, "Hi! I'm new!" The volunteers there will be happy to take care of you and help you find your way around. They can also give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

  • The kids

    See here for more information, but here is the short story:

    • We have a quality nursery for children under 2 years old.
    • Preschool children can be brought to our "Kingdom Kids" ministry at the North end of the building prior to the start of the service.
    • Kids grades K-3 should sit with their parents for the first part of the Sunday AM service. We will dismiss them for the optional "Kidz Blast" program, downstairs, prior to the sermon. 
    • Children are welcome to attend the service with their parents. If they get fussy parents can sit with them in the small lobby at the Worship Center entrance.

    • Stand and introduce myself to everyone? No
    • Give money? No. We do take an offering, but there is no pressure for visitors to give.
    • Fill out a welcome card? We hope you will, but this is optional.
  • Bring a Bible?

    Pastor Nate preaches from the ESV, but you are welcome to follow along in another translation. We currently do not have Bibles in the pews, but there are extra Bibles available in the small lobby outside the Worship Center. You are not required to have a Bible with you, but we encourage it because it will help you follow the sermon. Some adults use Bibles on their phones but we would not recommend that for kids.

  • Good next steps...

    • Where to go next on this website? You might want to look at our Sundays page.
    • What can I do next to get more involved at FBC? Although Sunday mornings are a great place to start, we hope you will eventually get involved with a smaller group in Sunday School or Wednesday nights.
    • How do I become a Christian? Here is a short video to answer that most important question!