Current 11:00 AM Series:

God Like None Other

The Incomparable Attributes of the Living God

If God doesn't amaze you, you are thinking of the wrong one! The real God of the Bible is beyond anything you can imagine. Join us for this series as we explore what theologians call the "incommunicable" attributes of God. These are the descriptions of God that can never be shared with anything else besides Him. Our goal with this series is to impress you with a God like none other!

  • Sept. 8: Seeing Stars - A Prelude Message on God's Greatness
  • Sept. 15: None Like You - The Uniqueness and Incomprehensibility of God
  • Sept. 22: Who Made God? - The Aseity of God
  • Sept. 29: God Without Parts - The Simplicity of God
  • Oct. 6: Out of Time - The Timeless Eternity of God
  • Oct. 13: All There Everywhere - The Immensity of God
  • Oct. 20: The Immutability and Impassibility of God
  • Oct. 27: The Infinity & Perfection of God

"Seeing Stars"


Sunday Schedule:

9:00-9:30 AM - Breakfast Cafe

9:45-10:45 AM - Sunday School** (all ages - all year)

11:00 AM - Worship Service**

6:00 PM - Worship Service*

*Nursery available

**Nursery and Children's Programs available



9:15-11:15 AM - Women's Bible Study* 

6:30-8:00 PM - Men's and Women's Bible Studies**

6:30-8:00 PM - Youth Group - High School and Middle School (doors open at 6:00)

6:30-8:00 PM Word of Life - Age 4 to 5th grade

*Nursery available

**Nursery and Children's Programs available


Looking for a Church?

FBC is full of friendly people who are saved by the cross, love the Lord, believe the Bible, live for the glory of Jesus and want others to know Him too. 

There are many reasons you should give FBC a try!

  • Jesus Christ and His glory are first in all we do
  • Real people worshiping a real God with their whole lives
  • A church that believes the Bible, no matter how the winds keep changing
  • Friendly people who aren't legalistic but want to keep becoming more like Jesus (saved by grace and called to grow)
  • Heartfelt worship to God from the people, not a concert to the people
  • Biblical teaching and preaching with depth to grasp and grow
  • Not too big - Not too small
  • Meaningful ministries for all kids, both in Sunday School and optional programs during the AM service (If your kids come to Sunday School each week for three years, they will be given a solid overview of the entire Bible!)
  • Children's programs and Youth Group every Wednesday during the school year
  • Five Sunday School groups for adults on Sundays and three adult Bible Studies on Wednesdays
  • Many opportunities to grow in real relationships
  • Many opportunities to serve
  • A church that seeks to be a lighthouse for our community not a clubhouse for the few
  • People shaped by the conviction that we are saved by grace alone, earned for us by Christ alone, and received by faith alone
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